Friday, November 30, 2012

In which I went to many gigs

Well well, looks like I've been naughty again and not post for a month.. Ideally would like to post more frequently but life gets in the way! oh well. Last month has been busy as because of work and also I have my assessments due for my diploma degree. Can't wait for this to finish, I am just so over it.

There was this one week where Radiohead and Coldplay was in Sydney. I, of course, was there to see them. I didn't buy the tickets for Radiohead but the boy hunted down some ticket sellers on gumtree who was willing to sell their tickets on fair value so we're so lucky :P
Had these before the concert from Dixon food court in Chinatown. These was from the chinese place next to Gumshara ramen. They were yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and so great in value as well. I didn't finish my meal so I pack it home for lunch the next day. 
Have I proclaimed my love for Singaporean-style hainan chicken? so simple yet so mindblowing-ly delish.
Did not take any pics from Radiohead because it was so dark and we don't exactly have the best seats.. beggars can't be choosers. I'm pretty happy with the concert because they play a decent amount of good old songs. Being in their concert is kind of like.... walking when super drunk in a rainbow coloured tunnel is the best way to say it. Love them love them. Anyone reading my blog went to the concert? did you enjoy it? (you better) 
I went to the NSW state library on the weekend. Not because I am an artsy booksy type like Carrie Bradshaw but because I needed to do my assignment - was gonna do it at work but turns out that I only have 5 days a week access :( so library it is. The library itself is stunning.. they had this Australian Ballet exhibition going on until I think February.. and its so pretty! I never thought too much about ballet and how big of a production it is. Loved all the costumes, can't believe how incredibly detailed they are. 

Luff this wall

 I went to Coldplay's Sunday concert. It was fabulous. Just look at those lights!! the lightning arm band is just a genius idea. I never thought that Coldplay will be so good live - Chris Martin sounds exactly like how you hear him on the radio- maybe even better.  My facebook was jam packed with 'omg Coldplay awesome' post on the Saturday and I came with high expectation and they did not dissapoint. Luff it 10/10. Anyone reading my blog went to Coldplay? I swear half of Sydney must have gone - 55,000 people that night + 55,000 on Saturday night. That's a looottt of people!

Very happy to feel summer coming. Love it love it. Just can't wait!

Stay safe everyone xxxxxxxxx

Saturday, November 3, 2012

didn't get fired after 1 week so hooray!!

Hi all!!! I had a damn busy week and I'm glad but sort of lost. You know that feeling when you are consistently busy and then suddenly BOOM you have nothing to do? .. OK I should be doing the washing and cleaning my room but I.. just.. can't be bothered.

Anyway so as I have mentioned in the previous posts, I quit my good ole' job in the Forest and started a new gig in town. It was scary and exciting at the same time when I started- I was scared that people in my new job were going to be colleagues from hell type of person, but they are all lovely so all good (or maybe I just haven't figured out yet!!) They got me working from day 1 and get the whip out on day two by giving me a project (of sorts) with deadline on my 4th day there. That one ends up quite well and everyone seems to be happy with my work so it makes me happy too. The other thing that I enjoy is that, as I'm a junior no more, although no senior either, they take my opinions and suggestions and actually use it to make a decision. I work with the owner of the company on my last gig and they usually just use their own opinion to decide stuff for the business, so being able to suggest something and seeing the senior actually use my suggestions to make decision is quite something (To readers who are more established career wise, please pardon my giddyness, I'm still in that good ol' starting up years :P) I'm a bit disappointed that they don't do casual fridays but that's OK as they still have beer o' clock/more like wine o' clock!

OK no more work thingies. Last weekend I went to dinner in Hong Fu Eastern Chinese Restaurant in Paramatta for my cousin's birthday. The place is so smalllll and I highly doubt that the waitresses speaks English, but it doesn't matter because the food is goooooooooooooooooooooooooddddddddddddddd
Steamed pork ribs

Dumplings with chili oil... 

The whole spread!
 We went to Church St for dessert after stuffing ourselves with these fabulous food...went to my family's favourite ice cream joint - Nut & Fancy.
Gelato in a mug.. they could do better with their presentation hey.. I still like it anyways. I had berries and also mango gelato that day. yummm

The boy had this beautiful waffle and ice cream and also some choco milk shake. Greedy boy, he is. 
Outfit photos, stolen from instagram. last pic is from yesterday (Friday). You can see that I don't really care about dress codes on Fridays! Then again you can just throw on a black blazer on everything and you'll instantly look smarter. Mine is from Portmans and its fits me like a dreammmmmmm. 

Are you following my instagram? My ID is Frauelize :) let me know yours! xx

Thursday, October 25, 2012

its all getting real

My ASOS order came a couple of days ago. Really nothing makes you feel happier than receiving a gift from mr postman and ripping it off in the middle of boring work day. What's inside is the striped dress and the bow belt that I posted in the previous post - I love them both. Not sure what to wear with the belt though because it has red waist band thing...

Speaking of which, I signed my actual contract yesterday for my new job and sent it off last night. I'm starting next Monday. Today is my second last day and it's starting to feel like ZOMG ITS ALL REAL I'M LEAVING. I'm actually quite sad because I truly enjoy working with the people here. Best colleagues ever. It will be easier if they're all evil bitches but they are not. Hopefully my next gig will have people as awesome as them. I'm quite sad but very excited at the same time. I'm quite nervous though as I actually have the so called Probation Period. I'm sure I'll be fine but I'm just nervous.  

Isn't last weekend just fabulous? I made my first beach visit this S/S last Saturday. It was fabulous; a bit windy though. I did went in the water but it was absolutely freezing so I only last for like 10 minutes. Can't wait until it's all properly warm! I went to Chinatown on the Sunday and found out that EasyWay now does this giant 1L cups now. Being an Asian I am, of course I bought it. It was frigging humongous. Thankfully I have the boy to share it with. We went to eat in one of those food courts (I think its called Dickson's place? don't remember) and ordered one of those fabulous looking Thai deep fried fish that everyone was eating in that food court at that time. It was meh. 

The pizza was actually from the week before. I can't stomach pizzas, especially the thick one, but the boy absolutely lovesssssss pizzas and kept nagging for it. So we had it last Tuesday. It was  fab but my stomach wasn't too happy after. Not only pizzas but I also don't like bread especially white bread. I like sourdough though. I wonder if its just me not liking bread or am I actually kind of gluten intolerant? I haven't check with the GP but maybe I should *self ramble* Who else feels weird after eating bread?

Anyway gotta go. Have a great weekend ya'll!xxxx

Monday, October 22, 2012


Goddammit ASOS. Why do you make shopping so easy and why are you oh-so-affordable.. especially with your discount codes! Here's a couple of things that I bought lately....

Image 1 of ASOS FRISK Leather Stud Flat SandalsImage 1 of ASOS Metal Plate Bow Waist Belt
I have received everything above except for the stripe dress and also the bow belt. All fits well (I am size 8 and always buy UK10, but I know some size 8 people can still fit to UK8) except the sandals, which is about half size too big (I'm size 38/7.5AU and I bought UK 6... should have bought UK5) but it's not so noticeable so its fine. The quality of the printed dresses are meh... I actually expected better but for $16 ish each I'm not complaining. Not sure why I keep buying from them when I know that their quality is in par with Chica booti/Valleygirl/the likes... maybe it's the idea of receiving and opening a box from mr postman.

Have a good week everyone xxxx :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

come away with me

Bejeeesuss, blogging regularly is hard. I do have a reason why I'm off for a while from my blog though. Its because...
I was off to the Gold Coast!! Australia's biggest playground! Australia's Jersey Shore!! That's me and a friend being the typical AZN tourist there. 

This was 2 weeks ago. I went with the Mr and also with the bestie and also her Mr. We planned this trip 1-2 months earlier and almost didn't make it due to you know, the general risk related to trip-ping with another couple. But everything turns out ok except the weather. It was gloomy and sprinkling for all the 3 days we were there *tears :'(

See how gloomy it is. Excuse the thunder thighs. 

Went to visit this little guy in Sea World, they are amazing. Looks exactly like how they look in Happy Feet!

*Insert Jaws theme song here*
We also went to Movie World but I didn't take much picture there - too busy riding on stomach-churning rides. My favourite was the Arkham Asylum (at the back). I missed out on the Superman ride; I heard its really good but the line was frigging 90 minutes!! so screw that. 
Other than that I don't do much given that we're only there for 3 days 2 nights. Ate some pretty weird rice burgers which is basically just like eating rice and chicken teriyaki.. 

Moving on... so the big news in the past month is that.. I got a new job! horray. I wasn't really looking but got lucky. An agent that I've been talking to the past 3 months or so called me out of nowhere about a job and wants me to see the manager in (future employer here).. at 730am!! 7.30AM!!! So I went to say hey, without hoping much, but they end up hiring me by lunch time. So it was tres awesome. 

Leaving my current work place will be sad. I love the people here so so much, but the travel is just painful (1.5hrs one way). My new place will be only 20 minutes away by bus, so it will be epic. Also, the role will be a bit different, so I thought that it will be good for me to try on something different and see if I like it. 

Anyway, here comes the 'outfit post':
I bought this mirror/jewellery holder in Target a month ago or so- they are epic.  
This dress was $16 in Chica booti LOL. I was so happy when I found it.

What I wore on my trek to Daiso Chatswood on the weekend. more on that later.

I can't believe that I have never tried Ben and Jerry's ice cream until last Saturday. Those things are epic. My favourite so far is the chocolate brownie flavour. YUMMMMMMM. 
I received these yesterday from iHerb- Microdermabrasion (damn isn't that hard to spell!)scrub by Derna e and also travel essentials kit from Real Techniques. Review coming up sometime soon...

Well there you go!! I made a post!! woohoo!
Now back to actually eating my lunch. Have a great day everyone!! xxxx

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Last weeeekenddddd

I love fried chicken. I was craving for a bowl of these Korean style fried chicken with soy sauce last Friday so I went to grab some from Arisun in Sydney's Haymarket. They are truly awesome. I would go as far as saying that they are as delicious as the KFC variety. The boy thinks that KFC is more epic though. We had these with a bowl of slimey Korean black sauce noodle.. not too sure what it's called.. jjangmyun??? Korean experts please help me here. Anyway I'm not the biggest fan; I hated the instant noodle version of these but this one is Arisun is quite ok for me. Conclusion for my meal in Arisun: definitely get the fried chicken, after all these are what made them famous. The other Korean menu are ok too but they don't give enough side dishes (only kimchi). Price is not too bad but they are a bit more expensive than the other Korean restaurants. 

Mr Australia Bear took a bath along my laundry on Saturday. My dad bought me this bear on his business trip here ages ago, before I moved to Sydney, and I brought it along with me when I move here.  Anyway on Saturday I went for a friends birthday but the pictures there is not blog-worthy (too full of drunkard geeks)

Pretty flowers on my backyard. I love spring. Love it love it love it. How vibrant are the colours?

Do you know just how hard it is to take picture of your feet? I saw a lot of instagrammers/bloggers doing this. You actually have to lean forward a lot to take picture of your feet without your dress getting on the way. My dress is still blocking the way. The sandals are from ASOS btw

 Me and the Mr went for a drive after we went to the city for his work (no he's not that sort of workholic or corporate slave). I thought we should go to Watsons Bay but we wandered to Vaucluse and stopped on one road because we saw a couple with beach gears walking into a public but gated road. I found out that the property name is 'Carrara house' (sorry if I spell it wrong) and behind that there's the Milk beach which is gorgeous. You can see the city from here.

Yeah like that. The angle of this view makes it looks like I'm in Mosman in-the-other-side-of-the-bridge. Oh and hey there's my feet again.
Oh hey its me again. Not exactly in beachwear. Excuse me for being pale. Can't wait to get the summer glow again. 

 Thats the Mr doing the duck face. It's his favourite pose.

 We also stopped at Vaucluse house. Its quite pretty, but not as pretty as I expected. Maybe because its gardens is not in full bloom as yet?

I mentioned that I went to the city before Vaucluse. We went to Broadway and bought this baby from the almighty Tar-jay for $79 in their big home sale.Pretty sure that's in OK value. I LOVE IT. I didn't realise that I have that much jewels though. 
First selfie via the new mirror.  I wear a trench coat with this outfit on Monday. To think about it the bag doesn't really match the dress but it looks good with the trench.

A spare ribs with rice dish from a local Chinese restaurant named 'Delicious Chinese Cuisine'. They are not that delicious. I could have spent the BF's $8 on a much better Thai nearby. From these day on I shall be suspicious to restaurants that uses 'delicious' 'yummy' or whatever on their name.

Hope you all have a great weekend :)

Monday, September 10, 2012


Here's my quick edit on Alexander Wang's collection for S/S13. Loving the giant white coat and transparent details on the dresses. My favourite pieces is actually the cut out top in the last picture-so wearable!xxx