Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Last weeeekenddddd

I love fried chicken. I was craving for a bowl of these Korean style fried chicken with soy sauce last Friday so I went to grab some from Arisun in Sydney's Haymarket. They are truly awesome. I would go as far as saying that they are as delicious as the KFC variety. The boy thinks that KFC is more epic though. We had these with a bowl of slimey Korean black sauce noodle.. not too sure what it's called.. jjangmyun??? Korean experts please help me here. Anyway I'm not the biggest fan; I hated the instant noodle version of these but this one is Arisun is quite ok for me. Conclusion for my meal in Arisun: definitely get the fried chicken, after all these are what made them famous. The other Korean menu are ok too but they don't give enough side dishes (only kimchi). Price is not too bad but they are a bit more expensive than the other Korean restaurants. 

Mr Australia Bear took a bath along my laundry on Saturday. My dad bought me this bear on his business trip here ages ago, before I moved to Sydney, and I brought it along with me when I move here.  Anyway on Saturday I went for a friends birthday but the pictures there is not blog-worthy (too full of drunkard geeks)

Pretty flowers on my backyard. I love spring. Love it love it love it. How vibrant are the colours?

Do you know just how hard it is to take picture of your feet? I saw a lot of instagrammers/bloggers doing this. You actually have to lean forward a lot to take picture of your feet without your dress getting on the way. My dress is still blocking the way. The sandals are from ASOS btw

 Me and the Mr went for a drive after we went to the city for his work (no he's not that sort of workholic or corporate slave). I thought we should go to Watsons Bay but we wandered to Vaucluse and stopped on one road because we saw a couple with beach gears walking into a public but gated road. I found out that the property name is 'Carrara house' (sorry if I spell it wrong) and behind that there's the Milk beach which is gorgeous. You can see the city from here.

Yeah like that. The angle of this view makes it looks like I'm in Mosman in-the-other-side-of-the-bridge. Oh and hey there's my feet again.
Oh hey its me again. Not exactly in beachwear. Excuse me for being pale. Can't wait to get the summer glow again. 

 Thats the Mr doing the duck face. It's his favourite pose.

 We also stopped at Vaucluse house. Its quite pretty, but not as pretty as I expected. Maybe because its gardens is not in full bloom as yet?

I mentioned that I went to the city before Vaucluse. We went to Broadway and bought this baby from the almighty Tar-jay for $79 in their big home sale.Pretty sure that's in OK value. I LOVE IT. I didn't realise that I have that much jewels though. 
First selfie via the new mirror.  I wear a trench coat with this outfit on Monday. To think about it the bag doesn't really match the dress but it looks good with the trench.

A spare ribs with rice dish from a local Chinese restaurant named 'Delicious Chinese Cuisine'. They are not that delicious. I could have spent the BF's $8 on a much better Thai nearby. From these day on I shall be suspicious to restaurants that uses 'delicious' 'yummy' or whatever on their name.

Hope you all have a great weekend :)

Monday, September 10, 2012


Here's my quick edit on Alexander Wang's collection for S/S13. Loving the giant white coat and transparent details on the dresses. My favourite pieces is actually the cut out top in the last picture-so wearable!xxx

Friday, September 7, 2012

who lives in a pineapple under the sea

Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii

summer summer summer summer


Coogee Beach, Australia
Images are from Pinterest. If you own these pictures and would like to be credited here please do let me know. 

Spring is here! Nothing makes me happier than a good day where the sky is blue and the shine is shining. It's not quite summer yet but you can feel the warmth in the air. The flowers around my neighbourhood have started blooming. Flanellete pijamas are already packed and flimsy shorts and tees are out. I'm heading to the G-C in 22 days to get a head start and I just can't wait; a holiday is long overdue! I feel like I missed out so much stuff last summer due to the rain and all, so this year I'm going to go make the most out of summer. I have so many things that I want to do but sadly can only do it on weekends (first world white collar problem)  and most of the times I forgot what I want to do on the weekend that I can actually do it, if that makes sense. 
I'm gonna list out what I want to do this summer here so that I remember, and hey maybe give you some inspiration too:
  • Don't buy too much summer dresses. I know they are cute but they are likely to be out-of-fashion next summer. Florals are ok though because they're gonna stick around in spring/summer for the next 100 years.
  • Wear ankle boots with dresses
  • Wear a huge hat for extra sun protection and extra chic-ness
  • Eat ridiculous amount of fruit. Peaches, nectarines, grapes, mangoes, strawberries, blueberries.. the list is endless. 
  • Drink ridiculous amount of water.
  • Do a lot of up-dos. I used to cut my hair for summer but I find it easier to keep your hair off your face when you have longer hair - up do's are the way to go!
  • Go to the other bath in Coogee Beach.. 
  • Go swim in the Bondi Iceberg
  • Cancel gym membership and buy bulk passes to pools.. yes yes I know I'm not a good healthy girl but indoor training is not my thing.. My mom got me to a swimming squad when I was very little. At that time I hated it so much that I never go to a pool for a good 6 years until last year when I started swimming again. It is now my main choice of work out :)
  •  Buy a boogie board (I know surf board are cooler but I'm crap at it so..)
  • Go to Luna Park. The mr asked me to go 4 years ago but that never happens. This summer I should really really go.
  • Do picnic dates with my girl friends
  • Go to Hunter Valley. I always go there during winter so I want to check out what they look like in summer.
I am so ready for summer. Bring it on!!

Sunday, September 2, 2012


 If you have been coming to my blog in the couple of days, you may notice that my blog name have changed from frauelize to fab-a-thon and now Sunshinery. I just don't like the first two and hopefully I can settle on 'Sunshinery' for a while.

All pictures taken by my love in Hunter Valley a year ago. We're so excited that it's Spring now - time to crack out the sundresses and go to road trips!! are you excited too? x