Friday, November 30, 2012

In which I went to many gigs

Well well, looks like I've been naughty again and not post for a month.. Ideally would like to post more frequently but life gets in the way! oh well. Last month has been busy as because of work and also I have my assessments due for my diploma degree. Can't wait for this to finish, I am just so over it.

There was this one week where Radiohead and Coldplay was in Sydney. I, of course, was there to see them. I didn't buy the tickets for Radiohead but the boy hunted down some ticket sellers on gumtree who was willing to sell their tickets on fair value so we're so lucky :P
Had these before the concert from Dixon food court in Chinatown. These was from the chinese place next to Gumshara ramen. They were yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and so great in value as well. I didn't finish my meal so I pack it home for lunch the next day. 
Have I proclaimed my love for Singaporean-style hainan chicken? so simple yet so mindblowing-ly delish.
Did not take any pics from Radiohead because it was so dark and we don't exactly have the best seats.. beggars can't be choosers. I'm pretty happy with the concert because they play a decent amount of good old songs. Being in their concert is kind of like.... walking when super drunk in a rainbow coloured tunnel is the best way to say it. Love them love them. Anyone reading my blog went to the concert? did you enjoy it? (you better) 
I went to the NSW state library on the weekend. Not because I am an artsy booksy type like Carrie Bradshaw but because I needed to do my assignment - was gonna do it at work but turns out that I only have 5 days a week access :( so library it is. The library itself is stunning.. they had this Australian Ballet exhibition going on until I think February.. and its so pretty! I never thought too much about ballet and how big of a production it is. Loved all the costumes, can't believe how incredibly detailed they are. 

Luff this wall

 I went to Coldplay's Sunday concert. It was fabulous. Just look at those lights!! the lightning arm band is just a genius idea. I never thought that Coldplay will be so good live - Chris Martin sounds exactly like how you hear him on the radio- maybe even better.  My facebook was jam packed with 'omg Coldplay awesome' post on the Saturday and I came with high expectation and they did not dissapoint. Luff it 10/10. Anyone reading my blog went to Coldplay? I swear half of Sydney must have gone - 55,000 people that night + 55,000 on Saturday night. That's a looottt of people!

Very happy to feel summer coming. Love it love it. Just can't wait!

Stay safe everyone xxxxxxxxx

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