Thursday, October 25, 2012

its all getting real

My ASOS order came a couple of days ago. Really nothing makes you feel happier than receiving a gift from mr postman and ripping it off in the middle of boring work day. What's inside is the striped dress and the bow belt that I posted in the previous post - I love them both. Not sure what to wear with the belt though because it has red waist band thing...

Speaking of which, I signed my actual contract yesterday for my new job and sent it off last night. I'm starting next Monday. Today is my second last day and it's starting to feel like ZOMG ITS ALL REAL I'M LEAVING. I'm actually quite sad because I truly enjoy working with the people here. Best colleagues ever. It will be easier if they're all evil bitches but they are not. Hopefully my next gig will have people as awesome as them. I'm quite sad but very excited at the same time. I'm quite nervous though as I actually have the so called Probation Period. I'm sure I'll be fine but I'm just nervous.  

Isn't last weekend just fabulous? I made my first beach visit this S/S last Saturday. It was fabulous; a bit windy though. I did went in the water but it was absolutely freezing so I only last for like 10 minutes. Can't wait until it's all properly warm! I went to Chinatown on the Sunday and found out that EasyWay now does this giant 1L cups now. Being an Asian I am, of course I bought it. It was frigging humongous. Thankfully I have the boy to share it with. We went to eat in one of those food courts (I think its called Dickson's place? don't remember) and ordered one of those fabulous looking Thai deep fried fish that everyone was eating in that food court at that time. It was meh. 

The pizza was actually from the week before. I can't stomach pizzas, especially the thick one, but the boy absolutely lovesssssss pizzas and kept nagging for it. So we had it last Tuesday. It was  fab but my stomach wasn't too happy after. Not only pizzas but I also don't like bread especially white bread. I like sourdough though. I wonder if its just me not liking bread or am I actually kind of gluten intolerant? I haven't check with the GP but maybe I should *self ramble* Who else feels weird after eating bread?

Anyway gotta go. Have a great weekend ya'll!xxxx


  1. I wouldn't say I feel weird after eating bread but I don't feel amazing afterwards. I always always have wholemeal or sourdough at the least and I tend to minimise my bread/pasta consumption in general. I went to my GP and had an allergy test done and apparently I don't have any allergies but I definitely can't consume a lot of lactose without feeling ill. Maybe you have a similar thing with bread? This is an essay. I'm going to stop.

  2. ooh it!

    easyway tea is the best its for sure one of my favourites!