Friday, August 31, 2012

Black magic

Yves Saint Laurent wallet
So last week my trusted wallet gave up on life. The coin zipper snapped and for some good hour I thought, 'its fine, its fine, I can still use it' but now I have come to terms that I do need a new wallet. I am not a bag/wallet lady - especially wallets, because I think they look all the same - so the idea of shopping for a new wallet just turns me off... but after a couple of minutes of digging through the net, I found the wallet that I want in YSL Belle Du Jour in black, as pictured above. I love how it is so simple but oh-so luxurious. no big fat label logo prints necessary. The price tag will definitely hurt, considering that I'm a cheap arse and its quite a stack of dollar for such a small thing, but this wallet is going to pay itself if I use it everyday for the next 2 years, which is more than likely.

Now off to find somewhere that stocks this baby..

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

BB creams: Garnier oil free vs Missha

I was introduced to BB cream around 2 years ago by a beauty-nut housemate. I remember that my first ever BB cream was the Skin79 Gold that I bought from eBay (under pressure of the housemate of the time). I quite like the Skin79 but I find it too 'white' for my skin so I did not repurchase.BB cream has become more mainstream now since Garnier starts producing it half a year ago or so. I didn't buy their first one because at that time I still have my Borjouis foundation, but I got intrigued and bought the oil-free version when they released it a couple of months ago. I also ordered Missha's BB cream after reading good reviews in the net via ebay at almost at the same time.

L: M Missha Perfect Cover BB cream
R: Garnier oil free BB cream
How pink is my hand??? I guess you can see from the above picture that Garnier is more watery than Missha. The colour is also so different; Missha's much more lighter and can I say grey-ish whilst Garnier's a bit more tan. I've used both of this and here's my opinion in dot points:
  • Both of them blends well on my skin, but Missha's a bit too 'white' and bright on me.  Missha's just as brightening as Skin79 and it does make your skin looks dewy like those Korean actresses. I guess that's the point of using BB cream.. As it is still winter now and I am still pale as, Missha's still usable but I don't think I will use it in summer as it will make me look like a ghost... 
  • Garnier BB cream fits my skin tone better. It also has great coverage, but I don't think it makes the skin looks as 'dewy' as Missha's.  I love how quick Garnier's BB cream absorbs to my skin. I'll definitely keep using this throughout summer. 
  • As I have mentioned, Missha's also thicker than Garnier, so it is more moisturising (is that a word?) than Garnier. It also takes a bit longer to absorb to my skin compared to Garnier.
Conclusion: I like both, but definitely Missha for Winter for extra moisture and Garnier in summer because it's much lighter than Missha (and the colour fits tanned skin better)

So there's my first ever review! (I think) have anyone else used these BB creams - what do you think??


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

white straps baby

Image 3 of ASOS FLIPPER Flat Leather Sandals with Colour Block Cross Straps

1. Vogue Australia - September. I don't usually buy magazines but this month's cover is so beautiful so I just have to have it. pictured also Maccas' white chocolate iced mocha (GJ's ones are better)
2. Eating big breakfast at home like a boss.
3. Weekend uniform. I tracked down this leopard print jeans like a mad woman since I saw it at aelie's  blog a few months ago. I was so happy when I found it sitting sad in a rack at Cotton On for $15. I think it already paid itself considering the amount that I wear it. My ASOS Aggie boots have also paid itself too...(seriously I wear them everyday this winter - I got back to flats a few weeks ago and realised how much shorter I am without the 5cm boost.. sighhh) dont you love it when you buy stuff dirt cheap and they end up to be super comfortable and awesome in general??
4. just bought these ASOS Flipper sandals
5. Wearing my most recent ebay purchase to see Bourne legacy.. This shirt is an ASOS copy that I got from a Chinese seller on eBay. It actually has pretty decent quality so I'm happy. 

Outfit deets #1: Cotton On leopard jeans, Cotton on black top, Portmans waterfall knit cardi, ASOS Aggie boots. #2: Ebay heart prints button up shirt, the same cardi, Sass & Bide denim, plus the usual suspects: Michael kors gold watch, T&Co ring, Oroton Blum Hobo bag


Friday, August 17, 2012


Is there anyone reading my blog going to Soundwave in summer 2013?

When a colleague at work read out to me (well us in the paraplanning corner) the headlines of next year's Soundwave, I nearly squealed with joy. I'm not the biggest fan of Metallica but I loved Linkin Park, Blink 182 and Sum 41 in my teenage years. So I'm very excited and I've bought the ticket for it on pre-sale which started on wednesday this week. The mr is coming with me - of course- which will be very exciting.

I've started to re-listen to songs from bands that's going to be playing so I can sing along (duh) still have 6 months to go! I've also thought about what to wear on the day. My last festival was Big Day Out 2010 I think, the one where Muse is headlining, and it was boobs, fluoros and short shorts everywhere.

Nooooo. Its basically Jersey shore in Homebush bay. Dressing like that is not an option for me; call me uncool but leaving your boobies hanging and bum cheeks showing is not awesome.

Since Soundwave is a rock-oriented festival so I guess black is the uniform but I am not keen on wearing black in a 40'c sun. I'm liking these looks:

credits to fabsugar!

I like the idea of white sleeveless tee and funky shorts plus high top converse shoes. I'm liking the second one with dresses too.
Top Five Celebrity Festival Looks to Steal for Splendour in the Grass: Kate Moss, Alexa Chung & Co. Have you Covered
Now this is perfect. dainty white lace dress (I'll probably get black though.. dont want my pretty white dress to be dirty!)

OK BYE leaving to find the perfect anorak.


Monday, August 13, 2012

hunter valley and life lately

1,2,3 Views at the beautiful Hunter Valley 4,5 entree and main course at Cracked Pepper Restaurant, Hunter Valley, 6 Pho from Gia Hoi, Haymarket Sydney on a windy day 7 Little blue box from my boy

I went to the Hunter Valley in early July with my boy to see the winter festival thingies in the Hunter Valley Gardens. This is actually my second time ever.. my last one was on around the same time last year. We came fully expecting a beautiful ice rink by the lake and a big snow man but we left dissapointed as the rink turns out to be really small and the snow man is not even made from real ice.  One thing that makes our visit to the Hunter Valley Gardens better was the chocolate festival, which is running at the day we were there along with the winter festival.  Hunter Valley is beautiful as usual although the vines are still dry and the vineyards basically looks like lines and lines of dead branches. I should really make my way here again in summer.. vineyards when it is green and in its full glory should be prettier compared when they're all dead and brown in winter. We ate some really good food as well there - pictured above the stuff from Cracked Pepper restaurant in De Illius Winery. Food there is fabulous, those bread and dips thingies are to die for.

Sydney was so colddddddd last weekend especially because of the damn 100km/h wind thats been going on since friday. I managed to get my ass moving and went to the gym for a run on saturday though. I started on my running again with the help of the C25k app... it feels great to be running again despite all the pain related to cardio. Sunday was cold as well but I went to the city to have lunch the the boy.. we had pho in Gia Hoi which my vietnamese friend have recommended. It was great! Pho is possibly my favourite noodle soup ever... it probably surpasses my love to japanese ramen noodles.

Anyway I did get a year older in July and getting closer to mid life crisis.. I'm already having a terrible itchy feet syndrome now and I'm just so, so, so, desperate to GTFO my normal everyday life and just lay around like a slob on a nice beach somewhere (well for this I have booked my self, the boy, and my girl and her man a long weekend getaway in Gold Coast in September holiday). The boy gave me a little blue box with a white gold skinny band ring on it which he said is an upgrade from my old silver ring from him last year. No diamonds but I love it regardless. At this rate I'm expecting that he does another upgrade next year hopefully with real diamonds muhaha... (hear hear, mr liz)

Anyway hope you all have a good week - now lets go back to the all dreaded working-monday-day! :(