Tuesday, October 16, 2012

come away with me

Bejeeesuss, blogging regularly is hard. I do have a reason why I'm off for a while from my blog though. Its because...
I was off to the Gold Coast!! Australia's biggest playground! Australia's Jersey Shore!! That's me and a friend being the typical AZN tourist there. 

This was 2 weeks ago. I went with the Mr and also with the bestie and also her Mr. We planned this trip 1-2 months earlier and almost didn't make it due to you know, the general risk related to trip-ping with another couple. But everything turns out ok except the weather. It was gloomy and sprinkling for all the 3 days we were there *tears :'(

See how gloomy it is. Excuse the thunder thighs. 

Went to visit this little guy in Sea World, they are amazing. Looks exactly like how they look in Happy Feet!

*Insert Jaws theme song here*
We also went to Movie World but I didn't take much picture there - too busy riding on stomach-churning rides. My favourite was the Arkham Asylum (at the back). I missed out on the Superman ride; I heard its really good but the line was frigging 90 minutes!! so screw that. 
Other than that I don't do much given that we're only there for 3 days 2 nights. Ate some pretty weird rice burgers which is basically just like eating rice and chicken teriyaki.. 

Moving on... so the big news in the past month is that.. I got a new job! horray. I wasn't really looking but got lucky. An agent that I've been talking to the past 3 months or so called me out of nowhere about a job and wants me to see the manager in (future employer here).. at 730am!! 7.30AM!!! So I went to say hey, without hoping much, but they end up hiring me by lunch time. So it was tres awesome. 

Leaving my current work place will be sad. I love the people here so so much, but the travel is just painful (1.5hrs one way). My new place will be only 20 minutes away by bus, so it will be epic. Also, the role will be a bit different, so I thought that it will be good for me to try on something different and see if I like it. 

Anyway, here comes the 'outfit post':
I bought this mirror/jewellery holder in Target a month ago or so- they are epic.  
This dress was $16 in Chica booti LOL. I was so happy when I found it.

What I wore on my trek to Daiso Chatswood on the weekend. more on that later.

I can't believe that I have never tried Ben and Jerry's ice cream until last Saturday. Those things are epic. My favourite so far is the chocolate brownie flavour. YUMMMMMMM. 
I received these yesterday from iHerb- Microdermabrasion (damn isn't that hard to spell!)scrub by Derna e and also travel essentials kit from Real Techniques. Review coming up sometime soon...

Well there you go!! I made a post!! woohoo!
Now back to actually eating my lunch. Have a great day everyone!! xxxx

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