Saturday, November 3, 2012

didn't get fired after 1 week so hooray!!

Hi all!!! I had a damn busy week and I'm glad but sort of lost. You know that feeling when you are consistently busy and then suddenly BOOM you have nothing to do? .. OK I should be doing the washing and cleaning my room but I.. just.. can't be bothered.

Anyway so as I have mentioned in the previous posts, I quit my good ole' job in the Forest and started a new gig in town. It was scary and exciting at the same time when I started- I was scared that people in my new job were going to be colleagues from hell type of person, but they are all lovely so all good (or maybe I just haven't figured out yet!!) They got me working from day 1 and get the whip out on day two by giving me a project (of sorts) with deadline on my 4th day there. That one ends up quite well and everyone seems to be happy with my work so it makes me happy too. The other thing that I enjoy is that, as I'm a junior no more, although no senior either, they take my opinions and suggestions and actually use it to make a decision. I work with the owner of the company on my last gig and they usually just use their own opinion to decide stuff for the business, so being able to suggest something and seeing the senior actually use my suggestions to make decision is quite something (To readers who are more established career wise, please pardon my giddyness, I'm still in that good ol' starting up years :P) I'm a bit disappointed that they don't do casual fridays but that's OK as they still have beer o' clock/more like wine o' clock!

OK no more work thingies. Last weekend I went to dinner in Hong Fu Eastern Chinese Restaurant in Paramatta for my cousin's birthday. The place is so smalllll and I highly doubt that the waitresses speaks English, but it doesn't matter because the food is goooooooooooooooooooooooooddddddddddddddd
Steamed pork ribs

Dumplings with chili oil... 

The whole spread!
 We went to Church St for dessert after stuffing ourselves with these fabulous food...went to my family's favourite ice cream joint - Nut & Fancy.
Gelato in a mug.. they could do better with their presentation hey.. I still like it anyways. I had berries and also mango gelato that day. yummm

The boy had this beautiful waffle and ice cream and also some choco milk shake. Greedy boy, he is. 
Outfit photos, stolen from instagram. last pic is from yesterday (Friday). You can see that I don't really care about dress codes on Fridays! Then again you can just throw on a black blazer on everything and you'll instantly look smarter. Mine is from Portmans and its fits me like a dreammmmmmm. 

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