Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Come to mama

Michael Kors Jet Set Sport Watch
So I spent my whole morning being jittery in my work desk because I got a Shopbop code from vogue forums. This baby is coming to its mama now..which means that I have everything in my autumn/winter shop list now. I'm still missing a navy but bright blue pencil skirt (confusing?? well I want what Joan Holloway is wearing in Mad Men! something like this).. and I missed out on the leather look black skater skirt thing. but meh surely they'll come back soon!

The black ASOS AGGIE boots came last week and I LOVE it so much omg. I'm not wearing it today though because it was soaked by stupid Sydney rain yesterday! I'm so looking daggy this morning when travelling to work with trainers, but if that's what it takes to preserve my shoes then I'll do it!! and it's more comfortable anyway.

I went down to the South Coast on the easter break, but I'll tell about it later- pics are at the mr's camera and he needs to edit it and convert it to JPEG first yada yada. I don't get boys and their cameras, whats the point of taking pic in .RAW first when you will eventually change it to JPEG?? gahh. Here's my instagram pics for now- complete with the obligatory blogger style outfit pic muhaha

sunnies. check. dramatic background. check. the 'i'm so cool, not smiling' pout - check. thunder calves- check!!!!!!!!!!! sigh I swear it doesnt look like that bad (like a turnip) in real life!!

Pretty forest lah

Cake shop in Bowral. I feel slack for taking pics but not buying any, but we brought with us some garlic prawn baguettes for brekky. Which was awesome btw.

Wino night in our hotel/apartment. That Jacobs Creek Sauv blanc is the best cheapo Sauv blanc that I've ever had. But then again I'm a total noob in wines..

the mr went to a 'catch up' job interview today, fingers crossed that he'll get it!!