Monday, July 1, 2013

in which I had gone away

Pretty literally, because I did went away to Tokyo for a week. It was a very welcome change of pace as I have been having a hectic time managing work & studying for my CPA exams, as well as trying to keep having a social life between the two thing. Oh and also, trying to manage to furnish & decor my house. My mom and my brother is staying in my house now, so that's a bit of help, but there's still a lot to do.

It did feel like another world. Concrete jungles and unfamiliar scripts. Thankfully there's English directions on every train station so we only managed to get lost twice. Photos coming soon!

We stayed in a hostel in Asakusa for about 7 days. Fantastic place. A bit far from the action (Shinjuku and Shibuya) but they are only 30 minutes train ride away via Ginza line, so all good. I'll just write up my experience in dot points, because I'm a crap writer like that:
  • Favourite place in Tokyo is surprisingly Akihabara. I'm not a geek but I feel that Akihabara is where the Tokyo I dream about is at - bright lights, anime figurines, cat cafes. bizarre but surprisingly normal! I went to the notorious cat cafe and maid cafe - to one of Maiddreaming cafe to be exact - and oh my those are really some 'Only in Japan' experience. I'm fascinated with the AKB48 fandom, they are literally everywhere. The Mr thought that they are some soft core porn actress which is hilarious (they are not, they're kind of like Japanese Spice Girls on steroids)
  • Trains are so much more advanced compared to Sydney.
  • Tokyo station are ridiculously massive. Shibuya station is really big as well. To give you guys an idea, it's kind of like Central station, but 10x bigger
  • People said that Tokyo is shopping heaven, but it's all a bit over the top for me. I didn't shop a lot, because most of the clothes there, although they are super cute and pretty, I know I won't be wearing them when I land in Sydney.
  • Uniqlo make really good basics!
  • Food. Oh my God the Food. This deserve a post on its own. I'm craving for some onigiri now.
  • People are amazingly super nice and helpful. They make Sydney people look like the rudest people ever.
  • They said that when you travel, you discover yourself a little bit. Well, I discover that I do understand a bit of Japanese & can sort of communicate.. because I spend so much of my childhood watching Doraemon... 
  •  Tokyo is really flat. I know this because there was a day when me and the mr hired a bicycle and rode from Asakusa to Ginza. It was a lot of fun! 
more soon xx


  1. Sounds like a fun trip! Your kimono looks really pretty :)

    1. Thank you!! It was a lot of fun :)