Monday, July 15, 2013

trench coat lost

I lost my trench coat a month ago. I left it somewhere in Sydney CBD during a shopping trip with a soon to be married friend. I had that coat for about 4 years and we had some fun times together. It is only a $50 trench coat from TEMT, but it fits me perfectly, holds out very well & I love it dearly. I never really regard a trench coat as a staple and only just realised that after my trench is no more. Mostly because I have started embracing sweaters, and Sydney winter is not cold enough to wear a full on coat on top of my sweater. A trench will be perfect on top of my chunky knits. I guess it's time for me to buy a new one, but this time I'd like to splurge. My first choice will be this simple APC one; would like to have a Burberry coat but then I'll have to sell a kidney to fund for it. I think it's on sale in Incu.. will try to do a quick dash off work to see this tomorrow :)

lesantimodernes // foundations: simplicity

These days I have been too lazy to dress up & always end up wearing some kind of tee with some denim. Casual workplace is the bomb yo. I love it 11/10 but sometimes I think that I am committing a fashion crime because I dress like such a slob. Well at least in my mind I look like these super chic but simply dressed girls.

This weekend was pretty uninteresting. Like my winter weekends in general. Therefore the slobby unoriginal picture posts. But whatever. Anyway, all I did was I went to my uncle's birthday BBQ, ate some shiz loads of food, and on Sunday I went to purchase some furnitures for the house. Those things ain't cheap huh! but furniture shopping made me feel like I'm such an adult. There were heaps of cute cushions on sale, and I was seriously tempted to practice the FF doctrine of 'never unknowingly under cushion'. but then I remember that I'm 23, rather untidy and basically can't handle the responsibility of arranging many fluffy cushions into perfect positions everyday. I came home cushionless, but I did get some pretty good deals on quilt covers which I shall show off once my home is looking nice & photo worthy.

enjoy your week peeps x

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