Friday, April 12, 2013


So I spent the last 2 weeks moving in to my new crib. Moving houses is such a pain. Before my current place I lived in a spare room at my cousin's apartment in the eastern burb and boy do I have a lot of crap. 
That's only half of my stuff. I did some major cull prior to my move and I still have lots of stuff. I shall do cull #2 sometime in the next couple of weeks. Watch this space. I've finished unpacking everything now but I still have bits and bops here and there, but that is because I don't have anywhere to put them as yet. 

Here's a story about my move. I had to get a fridge and washing machine because well, they are essential. Mr Liz is a cheap ass though so he insist to buy second hand. We did manage to snag a second hand fridge for $200 from an apartment a couple blocks away from my apartment. We didn't bother to hire a ute/removalist for this because we thought that a hand trolley should be sufficient. That trolley was quite helpful and we managed to get the fridge up to my apartment on level 3, but not before giving me the biggest bruise I've ever had in my life.
A friend of my cousin kindly gave me his old washing machine for free. I happily accept this because hey it is free stuff. This guy also live about 500 m from my apartment. Unfortunately the hand trolley I used to carry my fridge up to my apartment is available-no-more (long story) so I had to recruit 2 of my man-friend to help Mr Liz and my cousin's friend (a dude..) carry this up. The washing machine was really heavy even when there's 4 dudes carrying it and it took a lot of effort to get it up to my apartment. They did a good job so I paid them with beer. All this moving reminds me of the scene in Friends where Ross was trying to carry a couch up the stairs with Chandler and Joey. "PIVOT!!!" 
Lesson learnt: Removalist are expensive for a reason........

 Bought this vacuum during Myer mid season sale. It's pretty good but I should probably get a bigger "real" vacuum cleaner. It sucks well & really flexible. Loving not having to fuss on cords when I'm vacuuming.  

My living room looks like this now. The curtain came with the apartment. It's so ugly. I'm thinking of getting a cheap IKEA one to replace this. The sofa is $100 sofa bed that Mr Liz got from Gumtree. It's still in a good condition and love the leather-ette. I thoroughly vacuumed & obsessively wiped this sofa with ajax spray and white to disinfect and basically un-gross it. 
I have a dining room!!!!! Can you believe I haven't had a meal in a dining table for over 4 years (the odd dinners at my aunt's excepted) My cousin don't have a dining table in his apartment and the place I lived before that was a boarding house and their dining table was totally gross. 

I love IKEA, for once I went to IKEA and actually bought furniture. I'm not finished with decorating as yet so I'll visit again soon....
I bought fresh flowers & put them on my dining table. I used to think that fresh flowers are waste of money, so I never bought it, until my friend told me that fresh flowers makes her happy and less lonely (both of us live alone) so I gave flowers a shot. They do make the house look fresher & less depressing..
I'm trying to incorporate seafood to my diet so tried Swordfish for the first time ever yesterday. It was quite good. and how good is Woolies' olive sourdough ??? love them. especially when they are on sale for $3.. and still warm!
Ordered this bling-tastic iphone cover for my work phone. They're only $13 or something including postage from eBay. Run don't walk. These babies are usually $30 in shops. rip off I say
If you follow my instagram, you'll know that I bought 2 pairs of new shoes from Wittner. Love them, so comfy.

Ok I probably should start doing something productive. 1.5 hrs to go till the weekend. Enjoy peeps. xx


  1. Oh I know how painful it is to move - I moved 3 times in 1.5 years!!

    Good to see you settled now :)

  2. Great purchases! I was thinking in getting the same boots but I couldn't decide between 2 different styles.

  3. moving is the worst thing in the world!
    i think i will stay where i live forever just so i don't have to move again.
    its so depressing seeing how much junk you accumulate and never use.
    then there is the unpacking!

    i believe in the story of the flower.
    i have learn to buy certain types that last longer. none of this 4 day lifespan business.