Wednesday, July 3, 2013

TOKYO part 1: Asakusa and Shibuya

So as I mentioned in my last post, I went away to Tokyo for a week. We stayed in Asakusa area for the whole week. Our hostel (Khaosan Tokyo Original) is super tiny but it is clean and located very conveniently close to the two train stations in Asakusa. The manager, Kenta was great and very helpful as well. We spent only about 350,000 yen for our stay for the whole week, which I think was fantastic value. I rate the place 10/10, but if I had to go back I'll probably choose the other Khaosan that's closer to Tawaramachi station, because it looks newer.

The Tokyo Skytree is quite close, but not really from our hostel. They have a really big shopping mall underneath the tower, and the whole complex lights up at night. Beautiful. I wish I had gone up to the top.

Went to check out Nakamise Dori early at 9 am is and most of the stores are still close. I note that they start a bit late in Japan (around 10am).

Good Fortune!! hurrah

Mr got a bad luck thing so this is tied down to this fence thing. I read only recently that you're only meant to tie down your bad luck paper but I tied down mine (good luck) too fml

I wish I could stay in Shibuya but hotels there are super expensive!! Well probably just on par with Sydney's hotel but since I'll only be using them for sleeping then what's the point. Luckily Shibuya is an easy train ride from Asakusa, via the Ginza line, and it only takes about 30 minutes or so. Shibuya just looks like the regular old shopping district on steroids in the morning

But it comes alive at night. the Shibuya crossing is surprisingly not as big as what I thought it would be. It's probably only 1.5x the big Town hall intersection in Sydney.

31 Signs You're A Third Culture Kid
Had lunch in Genki sushi (its a sushi chain!!) in Shibuya. They are good value & taste great too. The food came on this robotic thing

Wall of eyelashes in Don Quixote Shibuya. I LOVE DON QUIXOTE

Shibuya is definitely my favourite district in Tokyo.. so much shops. I went to Shibuya 109 and they live up to my expectations - the clothes are pretty out there and the girls who works there are outstandingly pretty. I didn't shop there because they were EXPENSIVEEEEE (yes it's so expensive it deserves to be written in caps) and also they're just too frilly for me. Got my H&M fix in Shibuya though. Why can't we have H&M in Sydney??! WHY?!

Next stop: Shinjuku & Harajuku :)

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