Friday, August 31, 2012

Black magic

Yves Saint Laurent wallet
So last week my trusted wallet gave up on life. The coin zipper snapped and for some good hour I thought, 'its fine, its fine, I can still use it' but now I have come to terms that I do need a new wallet. I am not a bag/wallet lady - especially wallets, because I think they look all the same - so the idea of shopping for a new wallet just turns me off... but after a couple of minutes of digging through the net, I found the wallet that I want in YSL Belle Du Jour in black, as pictured above. I love how it is so simple but oh-so luxurious. no big fat label logo prints necessary. The price tag will definitely hurt, considering that I'm a cheap arse and its quite a stack of dollar for such a small thing, but this wallet is going to pay itself if I use it everyday for the next 2 years, which is more than likely.

Now off to find somewhere that stocks this baby..

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