Tuesday, August 28, 2012

BB creams: Garnier oil free vs Missha

I was introduced to BB cream around 2 years ago by a beauty-nut housemate. I remember that my first ever BB cream was the Skin79 Gold that I bought from eBay (under pressure of the housemate of the time). I quite like the Skin79 but I find it too 'white' for my skin so I did not repurchase.BB cream has become more mainstream now since Garnier starts producing it half a year ago or so. I didn't buy their first one because at that time I still have my Borjouis foundation, but I got intrigued and bought the oil-free version when they released it a couple of months ago. I also ordered Missha's BB cream after reading good reviews in the net via ebay at almost at the same time.

L: M Missha Perfect Cover BB cream
R: Garnier oil free BB cream
How pink is my hand??? I guess you can see from the above picture that Garnier is more watery than Missha. The colour is also so different; Missha's much more lighter and can I say grey-ish whilst Garnier's a bit more tan. I've used both of this and here's my opinion in dot points:
  • Both of them blends well on my skin, but Missha's a bit too 'white' and bright on me.  Missha's just as brightening as Skin79 and it does make your skin looks dewy like those Korean actresses. I guess that's the point of using BB cream.. As it is still winter now and I am still pale as, Missha's still usable but I don't think I will use it in summer as it will make me look like a ghost... 
  • Garnier BB cream fits my skin tone better. It also has great coverage, but I don't think it makes the skin looks as 'dewy' as Missha's.  I love how quick Garnier's BB cream absorbs to my skin. I'll definitely keep using this throughout summer. 
  • As I have mentioned, Missha's also thicker than Garnier, so it is more moisturising (is that a word?) than Garnier. It also takes a bit longer to absorb to my skin compared to Garnier.
Conclusion: I like both, but definitely Missha for Winter for extra moisture and Garnier in summer because it's much lighter than Missha (and the colour fits tanned skin better)

So there's my first ever review! (I think) have anyone else used these BB creams - what do you think??


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  1. I reviewed both the Garnier oil-free BB and the Garnier normal BB and I agree with your comments about the oil-free one. I think the normal Garnier is better for me in winter and this oil-free one in summer :)