Friday, February 3, 2012

on to minimalism

So, as I have mentioned (I think) I am a member of the awesome Vogue forum. In the past few months I have been stalking a few threads, from ones that are comedic gold (Fashion grrs, bad service, customers from hell..) to thought provoking ones (current affairs in general). One of my favourite one is the 'shopping ban' thread, and after reading to other threads etc I discovered something called......

minimalist living.

as in, living without clutter in general - less clothes, less items, less toxic friend, less clutter. and plus points- less waste means that you are more environmentally friendly, and also you will contribute less to the sweat shop industry. Think about all those poor people, or even kids!

I like the idea of minimalism.

at first it was because my wardrobe is already in the verge of exploding and then I realize... most of what is inside haven't been worn in the past 3 months! I think I only have about 20 items or so that I use frequently (not including gym and house clothes). and shoes.. well, I have about 20 or more shoes and the only one I use almost everyday is my gym shoes for travel to work & gym after, plus a black pump that I keep at work. Other than that it is sitting sadly in my closet.


I really should do a mega harsh cull to my wardrobe. I have appointed next sunday to do it, hopefully I have the guts to chuck away all that oh-so-pretty things that I never wear.

I would really like to be those minimalist-clothing kind of girl, like dead fleurette for example, and wear/have only good quality basics that would last long even if they are on high rotation.

It is going to be a big ass hassle to revamp my wardrobe.

One of the thing that's a problem for me is that, minimalism clothing is not really my style. I dont even think that it will suit me, because I just dont have the look. for example, one of the most used example of awesome basic that everyone have is THE loose-but not so loose white shirt.
I tried some of these white shirts on my mission-to-find-the-perfect white shirt, but they are usually too long, too white, too tight, too loose, shit in quality and overpriced. and most of the time I look like I'm going to work with it. I'm still on the pursue for the most awesome white shirt ever though........

Now the slouchy jumper. I look weird on them too. I'm quite petite so most of them makes me look bulky& look like I'm wearing a blanket.

and also, I love them colours and florals. I don't think I can go outside my without a dash of colour or pretty flowers on me.

There. enough of the rant, now, I think I can sloooowly get into the 'having-less-things' mode.

I guess I can start from the very basic of all basic- the white/black tee. I'd really like to buy a good black/white t-shirt like from A.Wang or Bassike, but they are so expensive considering you can buy a good one from Supre for 10 bucks. You know when you have a white clothes and you wash them a lot- they will be a bit yellowish eventually, and black will fade easily... I wonder if these good brands actually live up to their price. I don't want to spend $80 for a tshirt that will die in 5 wash like Supre. I might as well buy the cheaper ones. If any readers have any experience with T by A. Wang or Bassike or other brands, can you advise and share your experience pleaseeeee? are they really worth it?

I don't think I'll buy any nice clothes soon as I am planning to well, do the cull first, and also move back to the North Shore. So in the attempt of slowing down my purchases and save and have less, I pledge:
1. To go to gym more often. the gym is your gym, not westfield. I was one of the girls who says 'shopping is my cardio...'
2. When you actually buy something, call the bf and ask his help to talk you out of it. until you get out of the store. (works for me)
4. Study instead of going shopping
5. Be super mega CRITICAL, don't buy stuff you're not gonna wear at least once a week (do you really need those floral jackets at zara? the pastel green dress? think about the fabric. is it polyester? you hate 100% polyester. thats enough reason not to buy it)

anyway. Please excuse the poor writing skills - I figured that I'll just write the way I'll speak instead of the 'trying to write an article'. and also here's some recent instagram pic to make this post prettier:
1. outfit of the week- have worn this 2x to work 2. dinner at House thai near central.. the BTS desert is TO DIE FOR 3. my bro in Balangan beach, Bali, december 11 4. Coogee beach last weekend, so packed. huge tide.

have fun on your weekends xx

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  1. I feel the same way about minimal type dressing- its just a but too...oatmeal for me! I like color and loud and all the things that aren't easily wrn constantly:)