Monday, February 27, 2012


Can you believe that summer is going to end in.. 2 days? What a crappy summer we've had in Sydney this year. I'm glad that there's no cyclone this year though - happy that bananas are not going to be priced at $12 per kg anytime soon! I'm also glad that I didnt buy any new swimmers this season as I've only gone to the beach twice this summer (yeah it's that bad).
autumn wardrobe planning

Mostly A.P.C. Will be very nice if I can afford them but at my budget, spending $300 on a cardi seems a bit (a lot) much. I think I'm just gonna go for a mid range ones ie Country Road (I heard they're decent). I already have most of the above :
  • cardis in mustard, red, and grey, all zara- I find their $30 cardis really good. I've had my red one for 6 months or more now and it looks as good as new.
  • my wittner thigh boots.
  • Trench coat from 2 years ago (TEMT $50!! such good value.)
  • I have a white pussybow blouse from ASOS but would like to buy more of them. in other colours preferably. maybe black...
  • Denims - I'm not really the biggest fan. I only have 2 pairs, both Sass and Bide, one is a lighter wash skinny and the other is boyfriend fit, darker wash. I think I won't buy any jeans for a while. I'll probably buy a black jeans from Cheap Monday or something, if they have good deals, but I am a bit reluctant because they fade like shiz.
Now the only things that I can buy:
  • Blue pencil skirt
  • Red skirt.. in pencil or skater.
  • Black leather look skirt.
  • ankle boots- preferably Isabel Marant-esque. The real one are gorgeous but I've found many similar looking boots thats 1/5 of its price, so I guess I'm going to just buy the copy. I'm sure the quality if the IM boots wont be that much better.
  • Maybe a watch. I'm liking this Michael Kors Rose Gold watch but they are sold out everywhere.
and that's all I can buy throughout autumn.

Anyway... I moved from my dodgy little room in our (me+cousin+his gf and some other apartment mates) apartment to a not-so-dodgy, nicer bedroom. so YAY! Though during the move I realize that I still have a crap load of stuff even after my ruthless cull last monday, which gave Vinnies some good 2 trash bag full of clothes... I'll do another cull maybe next week... but I don't know where to start because I love them all.

anyway enough of the rambles here- I should do something productive now... like looking for a new job or something... but considering the recent contraction of jobs in my field I'm not hoping for much. Its not like I'm desperately looking... I don't mind my job but don't love it.. you know the feeling. I'm much busier than a year ago when I just started but I find myself still craving for more challenges.

Ok now I'm really going. taaaaaaaaa xxxxxx

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