Friday, February 17, 2012

journal journal

  1. Real summer.. oh I miss you so
  2. Sunrise on a Plane... I dont miss plane trips but I'm planning to go to the US early next year. Therefore.. saving mode:on
  3. My favourite outfit of the week
  4. Wooloomooloo from my Sydney Tower date with the mr few weeks ago. This city is just so gorgeous.......
  5. Whimsical jellyfishes from my date at Sydney Aquarium
  6. Nemo and friends- I wish I live underwater
Nothing much is happening this week. just work. I didn't spend my valentines doing any fancy stuff with the mr. But I'm meeting him today which is awesome.
I have been eating so much crap lately (mie goreng for lunch in almost daily basis .. sigh) I really should go back to my normal stuff.

anyway RIP whitney and other people that pass away on the same day.


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