Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy chinese new year

Ahoi! Happy Chinese New Year. Gong Xi Fat Cai for anyone celebrating.

I didn't really celebrate it this year though. I did go to my aunts yesterday night for to pray for my late grandma, grandpa and uncle, as well as having a BBQ feast (not your typical lunar new year feast no?). I wish I could go back to 2-3 years ago, celebrate the new year properly, eat my grandma's ba kut soup and rip my auntie and om's off by asking for ang pao. can't believe that 2 years has passed since my grandma passed away... the last time I spoke to her was on the phone in chinese new years day. and then she fell sick, out of nowhere, and passed away. I was so sad that day.. but oh well life goes on.. I'm sure she's happy up there with my grandpa.

Anyway I bought this Rhodes & Beckett corporate shirt for work on sale to $84.. love it. Even though it kind of looks like Westpac's uniform. Their fabric is just divine... so smooth. I'd really like to buy their white shirts but they are never on sale. Not sure if I would spend a nice $160 for a single shirt. thats quite some kaching kaching.
and the rest of my week, according to instagram:

1.Cool dog is cooler than you
2. Still keen to try this. Wicked wings are THE bomb, bro.
3. dinner. half (!!!!) a chook and vegetables. didnt realize how big it is until its on my plate
4. My bling ninewest flats is falling apart....
5. bright lipstick at work. its Coco Rouge Gabrielle, by Chanel of course.
6. Had this lunch for the whole week. chicken wrap with nectarines (I love nectarines)
7. favourite magazine ever.
8. One of my outfits...
9. I go past this place everyday. I wish I live in one of those houses!! love Sydney.
10. The damn candy bar at work. mondays are especially evil. We have cheesecake and cup cakes today. (good bye healthy diet.. for today)

Cannot believe that another week have blitzed pass. Theres still many things I want to achieve.. but just havent been productive enough. I should do a Hewitt style COME ON!!!!! to myself.
^just like that. Speaking of which, he's playing Djokovic tonight. Going to be awesome. Not too sure what's with all the hate to him. yes his Come On and the stupid hand gesture makes me want to throw my shoe at him, but I admire his fire at the court. Tonight's match is going to be tough for him, chances are slim and I believe theres 90% chance that Djokovic is going to whoop his ass back to Bahamas. I hope hewitt wins though, I love underdogs :)

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