Monday, January 16, 2012


........ I am addicted. I check it more than facebook and twitter combined these days and posts the most mundane stuff there. the app does make ANY picture nicer....

1. Copenhagen ice cream @Circular Quay on a sunny day
2,6 I love pretty PJ pants. So long ugly house clothes!
3,4 Outfits. as you can see I love polkadots. They're different dresses- 3 is Topshop and 4 is Valleygirl.
5. Lunch at Menya Oiden- I got this beef bowl with soft boiled gooooey egg, a takoyaki, and green tea mousse for dessert whilst the boy got beef bowl with pork katsu- all these for $18.90!! can't complain. It was quite yummy as well.
6. This one is made by BeFunky app. Yesterday was a weird weather day, it was rainy once and then hot and sticky next. I wasnt sure what to wear so I just wear stripes. Gotta love having reliable basics (despite of the above photo makes me look pregnant. but whatever.)

Speaking of basics! I went around with the boy on sat to have lunch and went to INCU for the boy to shamelessly try on A.P.C jeans (and buy them online for cheaper, of course duh). He is mad about raw jeans at the moment- he already have 2 (or 3???) nudies in the exact.same.model and still would like more. He kept yapping about how he can customise it to have creases, marks, etc blah blah things that I don't understand as they all look the same to me.

Are raw jeans just a male thing or is it me that's so off the trend that I dont even care if they are raw or not? A cousin of mine bought a Tsubi last year,not sure if its raw or not and she said she loves it as if its her own baby. I have no idea. Looks just like normal denim jeans to me. As for me, I only have 2 pairs of Sass and Bide, one slouchy boyfriend fit and one skinny. I dont wear it often so I really dont have any lovey dovey feeling towards my jeans. Though I have to admit that they are damn comfortable especially when you have worn it & haven't washed it for weeks.

So as he tries his dear jeans, I went to women's INCU, saw some A.P.C goodies on sale, and fell in love too. The fabric! The cut! The cashmere cardis. In Carrie Bradshaw's words, its CASHMERE-acle!
The Liquette dress is beautiful. Its tres chic and elegant even though its so simple. Its probably because of the 'price effect', but still. INCU have it on sale for $240, which is actually quite a good deal considering the APC website itself is selling it for around $220 (+shipping). Its so tempting but the thoughts of having the originally $400+ dress crammed in a jammed wardrobe full of $50 dresses are just.. unfair. for the dress and for my wallet. So I left the store, sad because I dont have the dress, but happy because I get to keep my $240.

I also had a look at their Dion Lee goodies as well.. and of course I love them. SIGH.

The bf left the store without a jeans, which is good, but still a burning desire to own one A.P.C raw denim.

So there goes my weekend. Weather is not looking good here in Sydney. Maybe Rhys should come out and sing that Hot Summer song again so that the weather gets better.

Hows your weekend??? xxx

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