Friday, July 6, 2012


The mr is obsessed with cameras. he was so excited when he bought his leica and I don't understand why because for me its really just like those oldie cameras that you find on Surry hills market. The above are some of the photos that we took using that grandpa of a camera.. I think it looks pretty cool.. like a subtle version of instagram (just with real actual camera) I feel a bit weird because I can't see what the pictures looks like straight away.. and then I realize that it has been that long since the last time that I used or have someone take my picture with an analog camera. The above pictures are taken in a place called Magic Point (when it was still warm enough to be barefoot).. it’s quite a scenery isn't it. On one side you've got a rocky edge and the sea and at the other side is all green and grassy (Sorry for lack of better words) It's nominated as one of the 'getaway places within Sydney' by SMH few months and I agree with them, the place is really peaceful and it gives you the sense of being somewhere far away from the city whilst it is actually just 20 minutes from the CBD. 

Here's the outfit talk - this is basically all I wear all winter and probably the direction I am heading at. I think I've gone past that phase of buying everything that I think is 'OMG SO CUTE' and have become someone that shops more wisely with much less impulse-induced purchases- which I am proud of!

Have a good weekend everyone xxxxxxx

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