Thursday, July 12, 2012

fifty shades of yum

I am a curious cat. So of course I have read Fifty Shades of Grey. 

I have heard many, many things about this book, mainly about how poorly written it is and how much sexy time is in it. First, here's a gif image that shows pretty well my reaction when I first read it:

..and my opinion on this book, in dot points:
  • I didn't think that it will be that the sex part is going to be so descriptive and confronting.. then again this is my first R rated book that I have ever read.. so yeah (sorry for lack of words)
  • The sexy time drags the book for so much.. I reckon they could've chopped some/most of the sex parts and make this series into 2 books and not three. 
  • Book 3 is the most boring book. Far out. 
  • I agree that it is written like a 15 year old write a sick fanfic. but then again it started as a fanfic so really.. can't complain.
  • all the Holy Cow, lip biting, inner goddess thing is annoying. 
  • Christian Grey is a batshit insane psycho. He actually reminds me of a controlling and obsessed ex of mine. Saying that, I am more attracted to Christian rather than Edward Cullen though.. maybe the appeal is on how a person like Christian may actually exist and also the fact that Edward is a sparkling vampire *vomit
  • Christian Grey don't have that much fashion sense.. all he wears is black jeans, dirty ripped playroom jeans, suits and tshirts. The writer could have described this better.
  • How can a 22 year old chick be so clueless about sex, relationship and her body in general? 
  • I can so imagine Angelina Jolie be Elena and Meryl Streep as Grace Trevelyan.
  • I still dont get about Jack's grudge against the Greys?? is it only because they adopted Christian, not him??That's just silly...and what's with Elizabeth? is she his old PA/lover kind of thing?? (I obviously skipped a lot of the book) this whole thing is just confusing...
In summary, I'll give it a 3.5/5... trashy but enjoyable. Read only if you actually have a time to kill. I think I enjoy it most because I imagine Matt Bomer as Christian Grey when I was reading it.....
Pretty sure the writer mentioned somewhere that Christian wears black jeans and black leather jacket?

Now in suits. oh and this is my favourite photo:

Aw Mr Grey you can spank me anytime! Can't imagine anyone else as Mr. Grey. Yum Yum.

What do you think of the book???


PS pics are from here. You are welcome ;)

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