Thursday, June 21, 2012

Priceline beauty gift bag!!

Holy sheet.

I receive an email few days ago from Priceline about their skin care gift bag. You basically have to buy $50 worth of products from a list of brands (Palmers, Sukin, Dove, Biore etc) and then you'll get your bag'o'goodies. My kiehls blue herbal face wash is running out so I decided to try and swap my skincare routine products to Sukin. Not that Kiehls is bad, it's just that they are so pricey... and honestly I have no idea if it actually make much difference with my skin. I actually got less breakouts but I'm not sure if that's because of the cleanser or because I started using Benzac AC as spot treatment again.

Anyway here is what I got!!

So to make up for the $50 I bought the following Sukin products: Rosehip oil, cream cleanser, face scrub, body scrub, eye cream, toner. I didnt buy the moisturizer because I know there's one inlcluded in the giftbag ;) They are also having 3 for 2 promotion for Sukin, so all the 6 turns out to be $62. 6 products for $62! ain't that amazing. That much money can only buy me a bottle of kiehls cleanser and a toner...
(if you don't live in AUS and think WTF that's too expensive, that can't be right.. no no Kiehls, and most other overseas brands are ridonkulously overpriced here)

I tried Sukin's face scrub in the shower today and oh my gawd it's amazing. Rubbed and scrubbed for 1 minute and my face is as soft as a baby's bum (maybe not quite, but still). I don't know what I have been scrubbing my face with in the past few years. The scrub texture is actually really creamy, creamier than I thought it will be. I love this and actually can't wait to use it again.. there's no feeling like touching your face and comparing it to your other body parts, and then realize that your face is oh-so-smooth.

I have the rosehip oil and the eye serum on my face right now.. I have been wanting to try the rosehip oil but I have been too paranoid to try it (I have been having troubles with pimples since age 13, so I am heaps cautious with what I put on my face) so far its pretty good.. the oil sinks right in and it doesnt feel greasy like when I use bio oil on my face (dont know why I did that, it was crapola) I will report about this in my next post.

Anyway I'm pretty happy with the gift bag.. they have plenty of moisturisers (Dove, Palmers, and Vaseline) as well as hand cream (nivea, and the one on the left of biore cleanser.. ) and both of them I use a lot... Other than these you get a paper style face mask (the one on the far left) and a face mask with cereal on it (on the right) There is also a witch and OXY blemish stick, Avene water thing, Yes to carrots face wipes and a lip balm. I think I won't need to buy any more skin care product for the rest of the year! 


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