Friday, June 1, 2012

The white shirt

I have been ooh and aah-ing over A.P.C's work ever since my bf introduced me to it through his enthusiasm to their New Cure Raw denim. I still don't get what is up with raw denim as to me it's all the same- but what I love with A.P.C is it's simplicity and high quality fabric. I purchased this shirt last thursday from Barneys NY. It came to my work place on monday but I received it just yesterday because mr postie dropped my pack to the wrong office! boo. The DHL people was very nice and fixed it quickly though. I'm still very happy with the shipping, 4 days from the US, how good is that.

I am a bit dissapointed by the fabric though, it's thinner than what I thought it will be, a bit sheer even. Definitely a white shirt for summer days. Luckily it fits well, a wee bit too long on the arms but it's fine (I have short arms). Hopefully it will last me for quite some time. (no photos yet.. sorry :P)

Now behold some food porn....

 Went to eat in Menya noodle bar, Sydney CBD last Tuesday.  I've been wanting to try since forever..... but just never made it here. It's probably because of its location; it's kind of hidden under the big BT tower building in Market St. I ordered the Menya tonkatsu ramen and the Mr ordered Kimchi ramen. I love them both equally... the tonkatsu ramen is probably the best in the Sydney, the broth is soooo rich and the slightly gooey egg completes the dish. Loved it loved it loved it.



On Friday I went to Ichiban Sushi Train in Mona Vale, in the Northern Beaches of Sydney. That day I thought that we're going to the $25 Sushi Choo train in the Ivy, but the mr actually meant that he wanted to go to here.. That day was probably the first time that I had an epic communication problem with the Mr.. hehe. Luckily I managed to catch the bus alright. The place is not too far but gawd damn Sydney buses took me for a ride for an hour until I reach the place. The food was worth it though... 

The place is quite new but there's already a few patrons there when we came in. When we finished the place was fully packed. The first thing I notice here is that the Sushi are not conventional... well not traditional at all compared to other sushi trains (but then again I don't go to much sushi trains) First there's chicken sushi with red rice (yum), kingfish sashimi, which is the catch of the day, which is so plump, juicy and fresh of course, then a grilled prawn with cheese and some sort of bbq sauce, as well as seafood sticks with cheese and bbq sauce (last pic). This one is my favourite plate:

Prawns and unagi. Yum. I wish I had more. The mr cringes to the idea of sashimi with cheese and mayo, but I loved it. a lot. I'm definitely going to come back. 

My Glassons order.. I bought 2x of merino wool tops that everyone have been raving about. It's nice, warm and pretty cuddly... good value as well I suppose... Loved the packaging, it's actually better than Barney's! Barney's one only comes in a dhl brown envelope thing, boo.

So there's my week. 2 more working days to the long weekend!!! Who's looking forward to it??

xxxxxx Liz

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