Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Vivid lipstick

Not too sure if my lack of happiness (as previous post) is due to lack of sunshine or not. I'm feeling ok now... funnily enough my mood got so much boost yesterday just because of some songs. I was watching The Voice yesterday and heard Delta's 'born to try' which is great (damn she can sing!) and Eminem's 'Not afraid'. I'm never a fan of Eminem but lately I've been getting back into music circa 2003 a.k.a music of my youth- they are a.w.e.s.o.m.e.  Can you believe that Beyonce's Crazy in Love is released in 2003, almost a decade ago???!

I finally plunged into the lip butter mania thing thats been going on for a while. I decided to buy in eBay for $13, which is not the cheapest but the seller is in OZ so I figured that I wont have to wait too long. I bought the Red Velvet and Sweet Tart colour.

Here's me with Sweet Tart on. As you can see its a bright bubblegum pink colour. When I bought it I'm kind of afraid that it's going to be too Nicki Minaj but I find it very easy to wear. In fact I wear this more than the Red Velvet one. Red velvet has nice dark red colour which is great for going out but IMO it's too vampy for day wear. I find it quite creamy when you use it BUT after a while it made my lips a quite dry.. so I suggest wearing lip balm before wearing this. Kind of disappointing actually.. I was actually expecting it to be like a super creamy lipstick. 

For some reason I'm a bit self conscious of taking self portraits these days.. kind of funny because when I was younger I used to be one of the vain ones who take pictures of myself all the time.. Maybe it's because of me growing up??

I love big brekky saturdays/sundays. There's something so relaxing with toasting a good sourdough bread (that you buy in Woolies the night before for half price of course), frying some goopey eggs and eating them while watching trashy morning show on the couch... I wish I can do this every morning! nom.



I went to Vivid Sydney on Saturday night and it was beautiful. My favourite are the lights at the Customs House and the MCA. I'm not a fan of the Opera House lights though.. I find it depressing and not cheer-y enough! There was so many people on that day and there are lots of aspiring photographer around carrying their heavy DSLR and tripods lol. We wanted to get food after but the queue was so longggg that we ended up eating Maccas.

Saw this pretty rainbow this morning! There's actually 2 rainbows if you look closely. This morning it's pretty dark, rainy and crappy. It was so hard to wake up but I manage to not do a sickie and dragged my ass to work! Not looking forward to the next few days because apparently it's gonna pour down rain. Looking forward to the end of winter though!!

Stay warm people!! xxx

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  1. wooaah it's a double rainbow! (hopefully you get that reference).

    Vivid Sydney looks cool, they do something similar in Canberra too. Why isn't it in Brisbane or Melbourne? The two cities I've actually lived in. Darn it!