Thursday, May 10, 2012

I don't have the time

Managing your time is hard
.. and writing is hard too. I just realised this a few days ago. I love blogs that have good writing and content whilst having some pretty pictures, but not so fond of blogs that are too image heavy but lack of writing or stories. I thought that blogging is an easy job because all those heavyweight bloggers make it so easy.. I realise now that it can easily take hours and become a real full time job.  

Why am I talking about this - because I haven't blog as much as I wanted. My last post was posted just a few days (weeks?) ago, but it take at least a week to actually write that simple recipe post. It's only supposed to take a few minutes, 20 minutes max, but I just can't keep my mind focused on that for that long. 

Anyway, I'm writing this because I had an 'emo' moment last night.  Have you ever have those nights where all the demons just come out and make you feel like your life is utter shit?

I'm a positive person most of the time but I have those moments. I have a lot going on right now, and have so much things that I still want to do, but I don't have the time. It's frustating. I envy those people who can juggle everything all at once, how do you do that? My activity may not compare to say, working moms, but sometimes I just feel burnt out, dissatisfied, and in general, not happy.

Right now I am trying to manage to work full time, study part time, going to the gym and somehow manage to have a social life. I think my lack of social life and interactions with friends really effect my happiness. I don't meet my friends as much now because I spend my weekend hanging with the mr, which I look forward to all week (we don't live together.. yet) The thing is we have a different circle of friends and I just felt totally awkward being around his friends; exactly the same with him when he's with mine; so I am kind of reluctant in doing the 'hanging out with friends AND partner'. I really really need to work on this relationship management thing and regain my social life. 

Other than regaining my social life, I need to get cracking on the opportunities hunting too- not that I hate my job but I feel like I'm ready to move and try something new. 

All this is kind of overwhelming.. I wonder if there's actual people, something like a 'life advisor' kind of thing who can help out with my time management. I know family, parents are meant to be my 'life advisor' but my life is really different from them. well starting with, I live in a different country with different culture compared to where they are at my age and when I talk like this my mom's going to be overly worried and think that I'm going to do suicide. (I'm not by the way) 

I'm sure that everyone have felt the burnt out, or in my language an 'emo' or 'pete campbell' (mad men lovers, you know what it means!) moments. If you have any advice on how to overcome this when it happens again and maybe on time management as well, please do comment in the comments box as I will really appreciate it. 

Sorry for the rambles.. just need to get it out!! Will be a happy Liz again soon.

Have an awesome day. XXXXXXX

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  1. Gosh I sometimes feel like I need to see a life advisor too. My mind is always buzzing about all the things I have not yet done and must do... I'm constantly disappointed in myself as I always add to the list yet I can't keep up with actually doing it all agh!