Sunday, March 18, 2012


It feels like just a year ago That i came back home and saw my little brother sitting down on the floor, in front of my little tv watching spongebob. (I am watching the spongebob movie now hehe random but it's still cute and funny)
Last week was quite different at work as we are in process of moving licensees. All the network is not quite working yet so it wasn't really that effective but hopefully next week it's up and running.
Friday was my anniversary with my boy (3years 7months) and he bought me an oroton bag ❤❤ oroton was having 50% off sale and I actually went there on thursday and bought him the reversible bag. I fell in love with the Blum hobo and sent the picture to him for opinion. I walked out the store without it, but the next day when I thought I'm definitely going to buy it. , he came home with a huge oroton bag with the exact bag I fell in love with. How sweet!! :) I have the best lover.
I went to watch 21 jump street on Saturday and it was awesome. It's really funny but not the dumb sort of funny. Channing tatum is gorgeous as always. I was wearing the white Arab jumper that I seem to be living in the past week. So comfy ❤❤
Back to working week tomorrow.

Anyway re kony stuff, I honestly don't really believe in it and I'm not going to support it as I have other causes that I'd prefer to support (not that I think that child soldier and slavery is not important) well that's my position up until now.

K now gotta go sleep. Can't wait for the end of next week. Hunger games is going to come out and it's gonna be epic!! Who's gonna go?? :)

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