Friday, March 30, 2012

all the nails and shiz

Life has been pretty damn boring and I have assignment due on wednesday! just FYI I work full time and doing the degree part time (its the Dip. of Financial Planning). I've been bludging for so long and haven't been studying for even longer, so getting my ass back to study is sooo hard.
I should do fine though! its not that hard because most of the stuff I've already known from work or from my bachelor degree... but still.. 100+page of assignment is still a pain..

Got these babies in the mail last week, OzSale really took their time in sending them... I'm loving all the colours though!

I went to the new Darling Quarter at Darling Harbour on saturday night. So pretty!! what a perfect night out- steak, mojito and live music! bliss.
The said mojito.. can't believe that I have never had one before (I might have one in Bali but not too sure if thats actually a mojito). where have you been all my life??? anyway the restaurant that I tried was Stacks Tavern (Taverna?) which is the one closest to the convention centre & furthest from playground. I had the rump steak with chips and the boy had pepperoni pizza.
I didn't take photo of them though because they dont really look pretty haha (unless if you think that a slab of meat with gravy is pretty!) They are delicious but not woah. I think it's pretty good value though- $69 for the two of us already including the mojito :)

The mojito outfit. Can u see my belly button?? haha.


... yes another one!! :) looking forward to have it in my claws next week!

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  1. How nice are the aggie boots! After seeing your post I nabbed myself a black pair and they are fabulous! Thanks so much for introducing me to them!