Monday, August 12, 2013

Lots of food

I would like to declare my love to eating food. 
From $10 Chicken Schnitzel in a local pub

To home made 'bento' lunch. None are as pretty as bentos in instagram, but still..
Pic 1: Rice with chicken mince, rolled omelette, stir fry veggies
Pic 2: Fried salmon, rice with furikake, rolled omelette, steamed veg
Pic 3: leftover spicy beef, karaage chicken, rice with furikake, umeboshi and some japanese pickled cucumber

Went back to Lorrainne's pattiserie for the famed cheesecake. at $9 it's a pretty expensive cheesecake, but it is worth it. It's lemony and very light and fluffy, you won't realise that you have eaten the whole cake yourself. 

On Thursday I had dinner with the parents at Menya ramen. Good as always

Took the parents to Blue Mountains on Saturday. My mom have been here 100x but my dad have never been, so going to see the three sisters is obligatory. We had brunch at Fresh Espresso & it was great. I didn't take pic because I was really hungry & have demolished my meal before I thought of taking a picture. I & my dad had the Fresh Breakfast which is excellent, Mom had their King Prawn risotto & the Mr got the slow cooked pork sandwich. They acknowledged the Mr's dairy intolerance & made coleslaw from scratch which is awesome.. Excellent service I tell you. 

Rolling hills on the way to Jenolan Caves. I can stare at them the whole day

We went to the Imperial Cave on our trip. It's so hard to capture the beauty of the caves! You gotta come and see it yourself to actually appreciate the prettiness. There is an underground river thing in this cave which is lovely.

We ended the day by getting El Jannah roasted chicken of course. With the whole lot. My parents loved it & joined in the El Jannah fan club

The Mr ran the City to Surf yesterday & finished just under 1.5 hr mark. Not the fastest but awesome on him (he's not the super fit gym type & only trained 3 weeks prior). The beach was packed to the rafters but it doesn't stop us from having a great day out. Can't wait until it's properly warm so I can come to the beach more often.

Hope you all had a great week! Christmas (!!!!) is coming soonn

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  1. Good on ya for running the C2S!! Hehe I love food as well :) You are definitely not alone on that one!