Friday, August 2, 2013

Last week....

My birthday was 2 weeks ago and the Mr took me to a carb galore dinner and a chocolate making class (bought it in Groupon) last week. The man knows me well.

Had this pasta at Portfofino in Leichardt. It was okay but Shitake mushroom in a pasta dish is a bit weird..

Our chocolate class was at Kimberley's chocolates in Lilyfield. Here is the chocolate man who taught us how to make those yummy ganache filled chocolates

That's the Mr, overstuffing his chocolates with ganache. He actually did a great job, his chocolate came out much shinier & in better shape than mine. I really enjoyed my short 2 hours class & would recommend it. On Fridays they do the basic chocolate making class and on Saturday they teach you how to work with chocolate- making cakes, tempering chocolate etc. Hopefully they do groupon deals soon so I can go to the Saturday one!

Love pretty cups

My Rowenta vacuum is still working but as it is a bagless and cordless, it is pretty much useless in sucking up my long hair from the carpet. I gave up on brushing the carpet/picking up my hair from the ground before I vacuum last week and bought this new one from Appliances Online from Sunday. It comes with lots of vacuum heads and the turbo cat & dogs vacuum head works like a charm for my carpet. It picks up all the hair so easily. Loving this vacuum, it's 11/10 (so far)

Priceline had 40% off skin care this Monday and Tuesday so I picked up a couple of things. I'm loving the 10.0.06 mud mask & I should have bought more of them. Other than the above I also got some Burt's bees chapstick and Garnier hand cream. 

A colleague took me to Lorraine's patisserie, which is in the Ivy complex & close to my work. Bought this Frangipani tart. It's the bomb I tell you. It looks spongy but it's not spongy, sweet but not too sweet. Serving size is perfect for a 3pm cheat snack. Love it love it. Apparently the Cheesecake is great as well ('Best I ever had' said the colleague). I'll come back here later today to get one full cake for my mum and bro...
My dad's flying into Sydney tomorrow so the next 2 weeks shall be interesting. 

Have a great weekend guys xxx


  1. Happy belated Birthday!!

    That Fragipani tart looks amazing, I need to get myself down to Lorraine's

  2. omg that mushroom pasta looks delish! happy belated bday :D